In order to enhance scholar writing, it is vital that a instructor's knowledge of sure subjects be examined. Within the historical past of writing, religious texts or writing have played a special position. Writing was crucial in sustaining the Egyptian empire, and literacy was concentrated amongst an informed elite of scribes. Writing is a cognitive and social exercise involving neuropsychological and physical processes and using writing techniques to construction and translate human ideas into persistent representations of human language. Word processors include, usually multi-document, textual content editors or note-taking apps, Net programs (search engines, Wikis, and so forth.), messaging software (chat apps, e-mail UIs, etc.), or their underlying working techniques' code supporting the text enter machine(s). In Lipson, Carol S.; Binkley, Roberta A. (eds.). Vlassa, N. 1976 Neoliticul Transilvaniei. Works of literature encompass written fiction, poetry, autobiography and memoir, non-fiction, and scripts of dramatic, cinematic or video performance, and hybridized forms of all of these.